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Isolators for Advanced Cellular Therapies and Regenerative Medicine (ATMP)


Product Description

CC-IS is a Cell Culture, CGMP class A/ISO 5 isolator specifically designed to offer a safer environment than the one created in biosafety cabinets, clean booths, and standard white rooms, writing off any risk of human contamination on cell crops.

The CC-IS cell culture isolator works on creating autologous cell and gene therapies, that include the activation and transduction process of non-infectious viruses, and viral carriers, which could turn infectious or overexpressed.

The process chamber was developed following the mandatory needs of the user and integrates further devices for the execution of specific processes, among which we can count two incubators, a refrigerator, a centrifuge, a Flexicon® peristaltic pump, two rapid transfer Port Dpte®, a Sart® Port and an electronic microscope. Like all of our aseptic isolators, CC-IS is also equipped with the HYPER system for an effective and efficient bio-decontamination process, designed to guarantee a level of log-6 sterility.

The CC-IS isolator was designed to allow for maximum fluidity and flexibility in the customer’s work process. That’s why it’s been equipped with two different pre-chambers, a larger and a smaller one positioned at the lower level of the process enclosure, and equipped with a pneumatic lifting system for the materials to be risen to the level of the work surface.

The characteristics of both the isolator and its specific process equipment are conceived to grant for safety and straightforwardness and are controlled by 19″ HMI touch, from which it is possible to constantly verify all the work parameters.

Main Features and Benefits

  • This isolator system comes from a custom project for the preparation of CAR-T cell therapies, requiring a complex process of cell engineering, according to rigid quality control protocols. It is now safe to say that isolators represent the ideal setting for the development of cell and gene therapies, allowing to avoid for contamination of both the material and the work environment.
  • Our goal goes even further: it is also necessary to yet favor the operator, recreating a real laboratory inside the machine, that needs to be actually performing. Thus, as in the case of the CC-IS, our isolators are designed to grant the highest level of asepsis while offering maximum ergonomics to the operator, as well as hosting all the necessary and functional options to achieve an optimal result for the customer.
  • Integrated Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide Bio-decontamination Systems
  • Controlled reliability of the process
  • High quality product with total efficiency
  • A key role for the success of the project was held by our Technical Sales Team, which fully supported the customer from very beginning, through dedicated engineering advice leading first to the development of the process itself, then to the proper production of the isolator.
  • Full process equipment integration

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