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LT-Pro Leak Tester


Product Description

The Bonfiglioli Engineering LT-Pro Leak Tester represents a new era in advanced package-testing design for multiple package types in leading pharmaceutical and laboratory applications. Through a holistic approach to package inspection, our newest innovation provides you with everything necessary for your most demanding applications. By combining our latest technology advancements in leak testing with flexible testing solutions for a variety of container types, you are now able to achieve your goals faster, more reliably, and with less effort.

Able to perform the same package inspection tests as larger in-line machines – with a higher degree of accuracy – the LT-Pro Leak Tester is built upon Bonfiglioli Engineering expertise and incorporates innovations such as interchangeable tooling, a large memory capacity, and a flexible membrane all within a small footprint. Available with either 5μm or 1μm accuracy, choose the system that suits your application needs.

With unparalleled flexibility, you can now test a wide variety of containers from ampoules, vials, and cartridges to syringes, sachets, and capsules without sacrificing capability or quality. Multiple test methods, including vacuum decay and pressure decay, and a wide-range of tooling options means you are always ready regardless of the application.

Designed as a compact benchtop unit that is easy-to-clean, easy-to-move, and easy-to-operate. The LT-Pro Leak Tester delivers the performance, reliability, ease-of-operation, and value required to
support a range of testing needs from basic food & beverage containers to leading-edge pharmaceutical applications, you’re ready for whatever comes next.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Record unlimited recipes for efficient changeover between tests
  • Store and lock multiple test recipes so any colleague can use it
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface provides test results in as few as 10 seconds with a simple click
  • Screen layout is common across all test types, reducing the need for training and documentation
  • Clear symbols reduce the need for translation
  • Calibration kit included with easy-to-use instructions
  • Ergonomic design that’s lightweight, compact, and easy to clean
  • Housing and one-piece cover designed to prevent contamination
  • All-in-one solutions for high integration feasibility of different modular inspection technology systems in connection with a wide choice of links to the up-stream and down-stream line flow
  • Able to reliably and repeatedly detect leak rates as small as 1μm
  • Able to easily connect with your existing data management system and is fully compliant with a variety of international regulatory standards, including...
  • ...ASTM Standards for Vacuum Decay (F2338-09) and Pressure Decay Testing
  • ...USP General Chapter <>
  • ...EU Guidelines to GMP Medicinal Products for Human and Veterinary Use – Annex 1, Manufacturer of Sterile Medicinal Products
  • ...FDA 21 CFR part 11 as well as EMA Annex 11 *PDA Technical Report No. 27 Pharmaceutical Package Integrity


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