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Product Description

Fire-proof safety storage cabinets by DÜPERTHAL offer a reliable fire protection of 90 minutes. In case of an emergency, this protection provides enough time to evacuate the building and to extinguish the fire safely and thoroughly. The HPLC service station Type 90 from DÜPERTHAL is the professional solution for active storage. It is specially designed and constructed for the collection of wastes from high performance liquid chromatography. For a period of up to two weeks, the HPLC service station collects all volatile and flammable substances for safe storage at a flow rate of 1ml/min. This enables flexible workflows and a more efficient design of the in-house value creation chain. This effectively leads to the release of resources that may be used for other active and target-oriented exploration in research.

The HPLC service station is a complete system that incorporates the UTS Ergo line S undercounter safety storage cabinet with pull-out trays and comes with its own service rack and inner carcass made of high-quality décor panels. The wing door and outer carcass is constructed in conductive powder-coated sheet steel. Integrating the HPLC service station into your workplace guarantees your compliance with essential safety laws, codes of regulations and directives.

New improvements to the HPLC service station include a PTFE hose, replacing what was previously a plastic one, that was at risk of breaking when flexed. The PTFE hose is also electrically conductive so that there is no risk of static shock that could ignite a flammable liquid.
The corrugated tubing has also been replaced with one that features a smooth, level interior, to eliminate the risks of flammable liquid assembling in ridges when opening and closing the door of the cabinet.

The HPLC service station makes your work easier and safer with a range of versatile additional functions specially designed for the storage of flammable wastes. Like other safety storage cabinets in DÜPERTHAL’s Type 90 range, the HPLC service station combines laboratory storage with maximum fire resistance and is type-tested in accordance with DIN EN 14470-1 and the laboratory furniture standard DIN EN 14727.

Main Features and Benefits

  • A professional solution for active storage of flammable liquids
  • Constructed with DÜPERTHAL’s DISPOSAL UTS ergo line S
  • Base height with ToeKick base is 85 mm
  • Collection volume of 11 liters
  • Ergonomic push-to-open wing doors
  • In the case of a fire, a thermocouple automatically closes the doors without blocking
  • Type-tested according to DIN EN 14470-1 and the laboratory furniture standard DIN EN 14727
  • Exhaust air monitor and level monitor with error indication and recording on the display PC shelf including anti-slip mat, with a standing surface of 213 x 550 x 560 mm (W x D x H)
  • 1 ready to plug-in connection to the 120V / 60Hz power supply
  • Automatically extending pull-out trays to allow for the conductive 10-liter canisters to be removed quickly and safely by the operator with both hands
  • The MPS 3 level monitor with exhaust air monitoring unit and air stream monitor is a standard feature with this system and warns of any overfilling
  • Automatically extracts vapors at their precise point of origin
  • ToeKick base
  • Bench penetrations connect a safety waste cap

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