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Product Description

Protecting employees and the environment is of the highest priority when handling hazardous substances. The indoor storage of pressurized gas cylinders specifically requires comprehensive safety precautions in accordance with national regulations. Under the influence of heat, the contained gases expand and, in cases of fire, can present a serious risk of explosion. The safety cabinets for pressurized gas cylinders in DÜPERTHAL’s SUPREME line plus range come with 90-minute fire resistance. In case of an emergency, this protection provides enough time to evacuate the building and to extinguish the fire safely and thoroughly. SUPREME line plus safety cabinets are also naturally tested and approved in compliance with OSHA, DIN EN 14470-2 and the laboratory furniture standards of DIN EN 14727.

The SUPREME plus XL by DÜPERTHAL protects all users through the safe extraction of any escaping gases. It offers maximum flexibility through adjustable installation rails which is ideal for reading fittings without reflections. The adjustable cabinet door may be opened to an angle of 170°, offering maximum convenience. When different gases are used in the same cabinet, purging gas pipes are needed for safe operation. Depending on the substances, they may be connected directly to the exhaust air duct. The intermediate shelves and shelves for side installation allow for additional space to store small gas cylinders in the SUPREME plus XL. Lock protection against unauthorized access can also be integrated into the cabinet. The SUPREME plus XL also features low energy consumption and is environmentally friendly with a ventilation system pressure loss value significantly below 150 Pa.

Main Features and Benefits

  • For the storage of pressurized gas cylinders
  • 1195 mm x 610 mm x 2070 mm (W x D x H)
  • Maximum storage capacity of gas cylinders:
    - 3 to 4 x 50 liter
    - 6 x 10 liter
  • Approx. weight is 595 kg
  • 1 cylinder holder with a retaining belt per cylinder standing space
  • 2 horizontal installation rails
  • Sturdy roll-in flap with arrest system
  • Marked drilling areas for gas pipes and electrical cables
  • Connection for purging gas pipe
  • Outer carcass made of powder-coated sheet steel
  • Inner carcass made of high-quality décor panels
  • Powder coated sheet steel, push-to-open wing doors
  • Wing doors with an adjustable opening angle of up to 170°
  • Ventilation of cabinet area through ventilation ducts when connected to an industrial ventilation
  • Exhaust air connection socket NW 110/75 on the cabinet roof
  • Door handle with a cylinder lock

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    Closed doors

    SUPREME plus feed through top

    SUPREME plus cylinder rack

    Düperthal safety tested

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