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Aquapro – cGMP Water Spray Sterilizers

cGMP Water Spray Sterilizers | PRODUCT MANUFACTURER: BMT

Product Description

Aquapro Water Cascade sterilizers provide fast, safe and effective terminal sterilization of liquids in sealed or heat sensitive containers. High capacity water circulation pumps and large diameter piping ensures high water flow rates and faster heating and cooling of the load.

The recirculating water is heated and cooled by external heat exchangers. The heat exchanger is heated by plant steam and cooled by softened water and has no direct contact with the recirculating water.

Therefore, pure steam is not required in this process. The recirculating water is directed to a perforated tray which evenly distributes the cascading water over the product. Due to the high flow rate of the recirculating water, very even heat distribution is realized.

Main Features and Benefits

  • US FDA cGMP compliant
  • Fast heating and cooling for gentle sterilization of heat-sensitive loads
  • Ideal for sterilization of liquids in sealed containers
  • No pure steam required as water is heated indirectly by plant steam
  • 316L stainless steel chamber and sanitary piping
  • High capacity recirculation pump for even temperature distribution
  • External heat exchangers for heating and cooling of the recirculation water
  • Perforated tray for water distribution with holes on the front, back and sides to evenly heat the door chamber surfaces
  • Allen-Bradley or Siemens PLC control system
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance for secure electronic data storage

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