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NEW! STEQ America Product Line Flyers

STEQ America best laboratory and manufacturing equipment for pharmaceutical production imageWe’ve had some exciting times at STEQ America, recently partnering with even more multinational, pioneering equipment manufacturers to bring you advanced solutions for R&D and manufacturing in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and life sciences. Click on the links below to download our new product line flyers and stay current with the innovative technologies you need to be leaders in your industry.

Laboratory Equipment

For our customers, creating and delivering safe and effective products that reliably meet their customers’ needs is paramount in improving patients’ and consumers health and quality of life. We understand the essential part equipment plays in the research and development of those products to allow our customers to fulfill their goals and be successful industry leaders. That’s why STEQ America purposefully offers equipment and services for those involved in the laboratory R&D sectors of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and the life sciences.

Our equipment is manufactured in Europe, constructed to provide you with the highest process integrity, reliability, and longevity, that is accompanied by our team’s top-level customer service and support. We’re proud to bring you feature-rich laboratory glassware washers, heating and drying ovens, climate chambers, incubators, water and oil baths, gas generators, ultra-low temperature freezers, and safety storage cabinets.

Our partners include IWT, Memmert, DÜPERTHAL and Arctiko. Click here to download our new Laboratory Product Line Flyer.

Manufacturing Equipment

STEQ America additionally offers equipment and services for those involved in the manufacturing and production sectors of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and the life sciences. But we don’t just put our name behind any original equipment manufacturer – we’re bringing you advanced, European designed and engineered solutions for steam sterilization, isolation technology, cGMP washing solutions, and mobile, autonomous, turnkey cleanroom containment PODs. Click here to download our new Manufacturing Product Line Flyer.

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