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ULT Freezer Infographic

ULT-Freezers-Infographic-ARCTIKO-STEQ-AmericaSTEQ America has launched a brand new infographic highlighting the ultra-low temperature freezer product range of Danish manufacturer, ARCTIKO.

This infographic shows how the features and benefits of ARCTIKO freezers have led them to become a key player in the ULT freezer global market. Download your copy to find out how the patented, single-compressor technology in these freezers differs from the traditional cascade systems, and how their pull-down time from ambient and recovery times surpasses others on the market.

STEQ America is proud to offer ARCTIKO products and support throughout North America.

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More about our ultra-low temperature freezers

ARCTIKO have created the most innovative and sophisticated solutions for your samples with their range of ULT freezers. The series range has been expanded to a total of 20 different models and sizes from a capacity of only 7 liters up to 826 liters. Pfizer, Merck and J&J are just some of the distinguished companies in the pharmaceutical industry that are already using ARCTIKO products.

The different temperature range of ULT freezers denotes the product’s applicability for storing different products. For example, ultra-low temperature freezers between -70°C and -80°C are commonly used for the storage of biomedical samples such as DNA and RNA. Where the standard for ultra-low temperature freezers usually starts at -70°C in the United States, products in ARCTIKO’s ULUF series start at -86°C.

Features of the ULUF -86°C range

  • Single compressor technology
  • Fast pull-down time from ambient
  • Fast recovery time of 20 minutes back to -80°C (after a two minute door opening, versus the traditional 1.7 hours)
  • Direct cooling for higher temperature uniformity
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Filter-less construction
  • Alarm and data logging functions
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Two door options
  • Insulated inner doors
  • Controller with various language settings (most user friendly controller on the market) for added security
  • Heated vacuum valve
  • Key lock on door
  • 100% HCFC / CFC free
  • ISO 9001 certified

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